The master

Yuri Moshans furniture art.

Things for the Epoch of the Good Taste.

The person and the house are inextricably related: the house reflects the private world of the owner, and the person is as the house in which he lives in.

Welcome to the world, where elegance, respectability and pure taste live.
We offer to Your attention pieces of work of Yuri Moshans Art-studio.
From the first years Studio activity is oriented to the judges of art and people, loving exclusive.

The features of Studio are:

- Authoring, the refined creative treatments in combination with techniques - woodcarving and varnish carving, marquetry, intarsia, non-ferrous castings, forging, installation of stone and nacre, gold-plating, stained-glass windows, lead to the creation of of the individual and unique articles of furniture art.

- Elegant forms, pure lines, filigree accuracy these are the main features of our production.

- Noble species of wood - nutwood, pear tree, palisander, teak, apple tree, cherry, lemon, eben tree, redwood etc. applied by us, have a quality certificate. The supplier is a firm Bohmans (Sweden).

- A smoothness and flowing of three-dimensional forms distinguish our works advantageously, creating Your and only Your interior the design of which becomes collective unevitably.

- The certificate of authenticity, issued by the Studio, guarantees quality of our products, saving traditions of the European handicraftsmen.


Yuri Moshans is a sculptor, woodcarver, the master of the Latvian Chamber of Handicraftsmen (LAK), in the past the Small Guild.


The range of the Masters work is various:

- Articles of interior (cabinet, mirror, chess, clock, lamp, casket);

- Carving furniture (armchair, desk, vitrine, buffet, chiffonier, bed, dresser, cabinet, fireplace, carved stairs and other);

- Mural panels (from abstract forms up to compositionally complex works with set of human figures);

- Sculpture (120 160 cm);

- The plastic arts of small forms (10-15 cm).

Various styles are used in works: Romance, Gothic, Baroque, Rococo, Classics, Modern.

Presently Master is concerned with creation of furniture of Modern Epoch (Jugendstil, Modern, Art Nouveau, Mackintosh, Sessile) and postmodernism, developing and extending these directions.

2009 - participation in the International exhibition «Home», Kipsala, Riga.
2008 participation in the International exhibition «Salon de Lucks», Arena, Riga.
2003 participation in the 6-th International exhibition of furniture, Skonto Hall, Riga.
2002 participation in the 5-th International exhibition of furniture, Skonto Hall, Riga.
2000 2001 participation in the International competition The House of Your Dream.
2001 participation in the Exhibition Our House, Kipsala, Riga.
2000 participation in the 3-rd International exhibition «Furniture, architecture».
1999 participation in the 2-nd International exhibition of furniture, Skonto Hall, Riga.
1997-2001 participation in the reconstruction of the Cathedral in Riga / Kiot of Mountain place in Altar parts, Big kiot of the Our Lady / invited by the Excellency of All Latvia Alexander.
1994-1998 Decoration of the tourist center Sorja-Morja /Norway/.
1994 victory in the competition design development of the presidents office project at the factory GOSZNAK in Moscow.
1992-1994 participation in the decoration of the tourist center in Lille-Hammer /Norway/.
1990 participation at the exhibition of the Latvian artists in Amsterdam and Brussels by Culture Society «INTERLATVIJA».
1988-1990 classes by Igor Vasiljev, professor of the Latvian Academy of Arts.
1973-1980 study in the studio of artists I. Dobraja and A. Dobrajs.

We hope that our works will not leave you indifferent and will inspire on arrangement of Your living space.

If you are interested in our production, you have other offers or questions,
please, contact us per e-mail:

With kind regards, Yuri Moshans
cell phone: +371 29224830
Riga, Latvia

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