The master

Magazine "Club", # 1/2010.

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The sculptor on a tree Jury Moshans – the self-educated person who gave the first works to friends, and today to order in it furniture, it is necessary to stand in a queue some months, at times even years.


Master of the epoch of modern.
Ekaterina VANDYSH,
the journal «Krasivie kvartiri» (Beautiful apartments), # 7(64)'2008.

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Jury Moshans: «The way of knowledge - is infinite».
The unique work of artist through the tree of Jury Moshans, who consists of the Latvian guild of craftsmen, are located in many particular collections in Europe, USA, Canada, Israel, Australia. Many worshippers of the talent of master live also in Russia, where his works decorate houses, apartment and even official offices - as, for instance, director of Gosznak office. At present Jury is improved in the skill of the creation of wooden sculpture.


The Alexandria.
Elizabeth Gann,
Magazine «Art&Antiques», # 01'2008.

Magazine «Apex Manual», # 12'2007.

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The Exclusive complete set of chess made by Jury Moshans and recommended by the known collector Elizabeth Gann on p. of various editions.

Gann Ltd. Collections:


The story about the master.
Magazine "Club: exclusive. Winter", # 4/2005.

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It is a little timid. With a scar on a forehead. Continuing a centuries-old theme, it agrees, that the genius is on 90 % work and sweat, and the remained 10 % - a necessary portion of talent. Wise men of the Latvian Chamber of Crafts, having looked for works of the tree's sculptor Jury Moshan's, have given out the diploma without any examinations. On a trifle there is no time.


Furniture as art.
Magazine "The House | an apartment", 10/2005.

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The life of the modern person very often so standards densely adjust, conditions and norms, that it starts to seem grey and monotonous as the conveyor screw. However it can be changed. And it is the most easier to begin with the vital space, the house and an apartment. What for to buy the bothered, faceless furniture of a manufacturing if it is possible to bring the products made by hands under the individual project in the house, alive and warm. Art furniture from a tree, – what its opportunities?
In manufacturing exclusive things of a great skill Jury Moshan's art studio has reached.


Tree haute couture.
Alex ALEKHIN, a weekly journal "Commersant Baltic Analitic", 11.03.2005.

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Jury Moshans, probably, could become the surgeon. It for this purpose had preconditions: the firm hand, quiet customs, skill constantly to study and be improved. But it became the woodcarver. And, as itself speaks, has never regretted about it. Its works today decorate many houses of Latvia, and even a cabinet of director Russian "Gosznak".


Opening soul of a tree.
Tamara BLESKINA, journal "mi (furniture and interior)", 2004 # 2

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From refined elegant furniture of jugendstyle up to stairs with elaborate balyasins, sculptures and other things, called to decorate a life, - the range of products of art-studio Jury Moshansa, the master of the Latvian craft chamber is those.


Tamed a tree.
Julia SOKOLOVA, the newspaper "Evening Riga", 20.06.2003., # 119 (431)

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In each tree the fairy tale, history is concealled, to distinguish which is given not to all. Carvers also work on that to wake a tree, to learn, in what image to it to live further. The master of the Latvian chamber of handicraftsmen, the sculptor and the artist on a tree Jury Moshans, having undertaken taming of a tree, has left career of the physician. About what now, having decorated with the works private collections of Latvia, Russia, Germany, France, Norway, Australia, Canada and even iconic cabinet of Altar in Christmases Cathedral, at all does not regret.


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