Jurija Mosana Art-Studija

АNNO 1989
Ladies and gentlemen!

Welcome to the world, where elegance, respectability and pure taste live.
We offer to Your attention pieces of work of Yuri Moshans’ Art-studio.
From the first years Studio’ activity is oriented to the judges of art and people, loving exclusive.

The features of Studio are:

- Authoring, the refined creative treatments in combination with techniques - woodcarving and varnish carving, marquetry, intarsia, non-ferrous castings, forging, installation of stone and nacre, gold-plating, stained-glass windows, lead to the creation of of the individual and unique articles of furniture art.

- Elegant forms, pure lines, filigree accuracy – these are the main features of studio's production.

- Noble species of wood - nutwood, pear tree, palisander, teak, apple tree, cherry, lemon, eben tree, redwood etc. – applied by studio, have a quality certificate. The supplier is a firm Bohmans (Sweden).

- A smoothness and flowing of three-dimensional forms distinguish studio products advantageously, creating Your and only Your interior the design of which becomes collective unevitably.

- The certificate of authenticity, issued by the Studio, guarantees quality of products, saving traditions of the European handicraftsmen.


Yuri Moshans is a sculptor, woodcarver, the master of the Latvian Chamber of Handicraftsmen (LAK), in the past the Small Guild.


The range of the Master’s work is various:

- Articles of interior (cabinet, mirror, chess, clock, lamp, casket);

- Carving furniture (armchair, desk, vitrine, buffet, chiffonier, bed, dresser, cabinet, fireplace, carved stairs and other);

- Mural panels (from abstract forms up to compositionally complex works with set of human figures);

- Sculpture (120 – 160 cm);

- The plastic arts of small forms (10-15 cm).

Various styles are used in works: Romance, Gothic, Baroque, Rococo, Classics, Modern.

Presently Master is concerned with creation of furniture of Modern Epoch (Jugendstil,  Art Nouveau) and postmodernism, developing and extending these directions.




2016 - participation in the WORLD WOOD DAY Congress in Nepal, Kathmandu.
2009 - participation in the International exhibition «Home», Kipsala, Riga.
2008 – participation in the International exhibition «Salon de Lucks», Arena, Riga.
2003 – participation in the 6-th International exhibition of furniture, Skonto Hall, Riga.
2002 – participation in the 5-th International exhibition of furniture, Skonto Hall, Riga.
2000 – 2001 – participation in the International competition «The House of Your Dream».
2001 – participation in the Exhibition «Our House», «Kipsala», Riga.
2000 – participation in the 3-rd International exhibition «Furniture, architecture».
1999 – participation in the 2-nd International exhibition of furniture, Skonto Hall, Riga.
1997-2001 – participation in the reconstruction of the Cathedral in Riga / Kiot of Mountain place in Altar parts, Big kiot of the Our Lady / invited by the Excellency of All Latvia Alexander.
1994-1998 – Decoration of the tourist center «Sorja-Morja» /Norway/.
1994 – victory in the competition — design development of the president’s office project at the factory «GOSZNAK» in Moscow.
1992-1994 – participation in the decoration of the tourist center in Lille-Hammer /Norway/.
1990 – participation at the exhibition of the Latvian artists in Amsterdam and Brussels by Culture Society «INTERLATVIJA».
1988-1990 – classes by Igor Vasiljev, professor of the Latvian Academy of Arts.
1973-1980 – study in the studio of artists I. Dobraja and A. Dobrajs.


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